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At Momentum for Life we believe that achieving optimal health, wellbeing, strength and fitness is a life long process - one that should be enjoyed and shared.


We view health and wellbeing as a journey rather than a destination, achieved through the effective balance of life’s fundamental building blocks of movement, nutrition, rejuvenation and fulfilment.


Our aim is to empower you to own your journey by providing the necessary tools to achieve your ideal health and wellbeing and in turn inspire and influence others to achieve theirs.


Join us on the journey to better health and wellbeing.

Spring Clean Your Life Retreat

11th - 13th July, 2014

Because you are unique, everything starts with YOU, and how you can use your body’s wisdom to create YOUR optimal wellbeing plan.


Join us on this journey and allow us to guide you on your path to optimal health and wellbeing.


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Optimal Body

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Mosman Personal Trainer

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