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Leila Lutz


C.H.E.K Institute trained, qualified and endorsed, Leila has become a leader in her field. 

Her unique philosophy is centred around the four key pillars of life - Movement, Nutrition, Rejuvenation and Fulfilment. 

She has over 10 years of experience in the health and wellness industry with a specific focus and interest in the areas of nutrition, naturopathy and exercise.


Her philosophy is guided by the belief that all individuals can achieve their ideal health and wellness. 

Her practice is based on creating highly tailored programs to help individuals and groups achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Combining her qualifications as a Life Coach, and Trainer of NLP and Matrix therapies, Leila is a powerful presenter, teacher, and mentor, to both individuals and Exercise and Lifestyle Coaches around Australia.


Cris Mills


As a C.H.E.K Practitioner, Cris is a specialist in Corrective Exercise and High-performance Kinesiology.


Cris is also a Strength & Conditioning Coach, Neuromuscular Therapist, Exercise Coach, and Remedial Therapist.


When working with a new client, Cris is trained in assessment techniques that give him an in-depth understanding of your body, its biomechanics, and underlying weaknesses or dysfunctions. 

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Momentum for Life was borne of a vision for everyone to achieve their optimal health and wellbeing.


The sentiment behind Gandhi’s line ‘be the change you wish to see in the world” is the driving force behind the Momentum for Life philosophy, and approach to helping clients realise their ideal health and wellbeing.


The Momentum for Life team comprises highly trained C.H.E.K Practitioners, Nutrition Coaches, NLP Practitioners, Remedial Massage Therapists and Strength Coaches all working together to guide you on your path.


Whatever your goal, we are trained to assess your needs and develop fitness programs to get you living and moving to your full potential.


We believe that each person is unique with their own perfect blueprint – one that simply needs to be unlocked for the self to realise their full health and wellbeing.


Everything we do starts with YOU.  Learning about YOU and how YOU can use YOUR body’s wisdom to create YOUR bespoke wellbeing plan.


Examining the four key building blocks of movement, nutrition, rejuvenation and fulfilment, we identify where the missing link is for YOU, and the place YOU need to start from to get to where YOU want to be.


Combining these practices we assess each individuals breathing, thinking, movement, sleep, nutrition and hydration. This enables us to see beyond the symptoms and allows us to develop highly individualised exercise and lifestyle programs to address your particular needs and challenges.


As in life, so in health, each journey has many roads and intersections, Momentum for Life aims to empower you with the necessary tools to create positive impacts across all areas of your life and to stay on the path of good health, vitality and happiness.

Meet the Team
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