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The Momentum for Life Lunch and Move series is based around the concept of combining effective nutrition with effective movement.


Our lunch and learn workshop are a unique blend of nutritional information and a practical movement demonstration, leveraging time and space efficient exercise routines that can be incorporated into every day living – leaving the body and mind rejuvenated rather than depleted.


Join us for one of our two hour sessions and learn how to fuel and use your body in a way that creates an optimal environment for long term health and wellbeing.

The Sugar Files

Quitting sugar is the buzz-word of the moment. But, is it really bad for you, and if it is, are all sugars created equal?

This session talks sugar – from the refined and processed to the “healthy” and natural. We debunk myths, put sugar in its rightful context, give it its dues when it comes to fueling the body and generally set the record straight on using it as part of a balanced approach to fueling your body.

The Chocolate Revolution

Can it really be good for you?


Hailing from the ancient Incas, the cacao bean forms the basis of one of the worlds most loved foods.


Join us as we explore its origins and learn why its status as a super-food has lasted the test of centuries.


We will not only talk about the various health benefits of this amazing bean but uncover why it is so addictive, why we crave it at certain times of the day and how to leverage its health giving properties as part of a balanced diet.

Slow Food in a Fast World

Too busy to cook?


Spending too much time and money eating fast food and watching the kilos pile up?


This practical workshop de-mystifies the art of preparing nutritionally balanced meals in minutes.


Not only will we demonstrate how to make organic, economical and nutritious meals for the whole family but we will show you the tips, tricks and techniques to do so in minutes rather than hours.

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