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Momentum for Life C.H.E.K training helps people from all walks of life - from individuals wishing to reach a healthier, fitter state right through to elite athletes requiring specific conditioning and training - achieve their training goals.


Whether you are trying to recover from injury, create pain-free movement, boost elite sports performance or improve your overall appearance, the Momentum for Life C.H.E.K training will help you maximize your performance and achieve your full potential.


C.H.E.K training is a multi-discipline approach to fitness training, combining elements of physiotherapy and strength conditioning, together with nutrition, emotional and goal coaching to create a comprehensive fitness regime based on your particular body, its environment and the health and fitness results you deserve to attain.


In order to create the most effective program, we start with a comprehensive postural and orthopedic assessment of structure, movement skills, nutrition and lifestyle factors. This allows us to isolate the areas where each client needs to focus coaching, correction, stabilization or specific conditioning and forms the basis of their individual plan.




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