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"The way you move and exercise has the power to influence your body in a tremendously positive way, but, it can also have seriously detrimental effects if not performed correctly"


Contrary to popular belief, effective training is not contingent on the time you spend at the gym, nor the degree to which you deplete your body in its pursuit.


We believe that in order to create impactful and sustainable changes, any training program you undertake must be based on a careful assessment of your unique self.


As graduates of the C.H.E.K Institute in California the Momentum for Life team are expert practitioners of Corrective Exercise and High-performance Kinesiology.


The wisdom behind the C.H.E.K institutes principles is based on the individuality of the self, and mirrors our own philosophy for achieving optimal health and fitness.


Before we can design the appropriate training program to meet your needs we need to understand both your current and desired states.


Starting with a musculoskeletal, and primal pattern movement assessment we are able to understand how your body moves, where its weaknesses are, and which muscles must become stronger or more flexible. 


By taking a holistic, methodical approach, the team draw on their expertise across a variety of disciplines to develop individualised exercise programs designed to work with your body to achieve your desired goals.


Taking the time to understand the self and providing the appropriate programs for your body enables our clients to achieve their health and fitness goals faster, without depleting the body and soul.

Training Tips
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