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All too often we see clients approaching health, weight loss, and well being from too narrow of a focus, detracting from both their goals and their health.


We believe that fitness is not achieved in isolation and in order to make this process effective we need to  give equal focus to your Nutrition, Rejuvenation, and Fulfilment. It is only when all four of these areas of your life are in balance that impactful and lasting results can be achieved.


By harnessing these four elements we guarantee you will see tangible and lasting results in not only your fitness but your overall health and wellbeing. 


The Momentum for Life training program brings together the best of each training model - we provide our signature four pillar approach to defining your personal training program, dedicate a CHEK accredited personal trainer to oversee your program, and offer a fully equiped private gym for your personal workouts, between training sessions.


The Momentum for Life Private Training program combines the best from each training model. We use our signature four pillar methodology to creating customised training programs, we have highly trained and accredited CHEK practitioners oversee your training sessions and we offer a fully equipped private gym for your personal use between training sessions.


The Momentum for Life Training Program

Month 1-3

The starting point of any training program is a thorough musculoskeletal assessment and primal pattern movement assessment.  This allows us to understand how your body moves, where its weaknesses are, and what muscles must become stronger or more flexible


By taking a holistic, methodical approach, the team draw on their expertise across a variety of disciplines to develop individualised exercise programs designed to work with your body to achieve your desired goals.


We have a strong background in orthopedic training, post-rehab, and strength and conditioning, so we specifically design training programs for YOU, your weaknesses, your strengths, and your pains.  


Back Pain?  Knee reconstructions?  Problematic Shoulders?  These things require understanding, specific exercises, remedial therapy, and high quality training.  


We will also teach you the fundamentals of food and nutrition so you can support your training with a diet optimized for fueling the body during training, as well as aiding its recovery.


Your body is designed to move, so these first three months are about helping you gain a dramatic improvement in your ability to move without pain and with strength.

Month 4-6

At this stage you will begin to see some dramatic improvements in your body, its strength, tone, definition and endurance.


We will continue to evolve your training and fitness programs to ensure we are tracking to your goals.


In order to help you make postive food choices we also provide food-coaching, and nutrition mentoring, addressing the three key areas of health, weight management and energy. 

Month 7-9

Your nutrition is spot on, you’re training towards higher performance, and continuing to reach and surpass your fitness and health goals.


You have a new body and a new outlook!


We continue the progress with your exercise programs, continue tailoring your nutrition, and now begin looking into your rejuvenation to ensure that you build a well balanced platform for future success.  In order to achieve this we take you through a two hour session to identify and mitigate any negative self beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your true potential.

Month 10-12

You have become a new person with regard to your health, your weight loss, your body, your performance, your strength.


You are at a new level of performance with your body and you have achieved and surpassed your fitness goals.


Our focus now is to continue to build on this state while filling in the final gap of fulfilment –  teaching you the art of effective and nurturing down time.


We will take you through the amazing practice of Chi. Chi is a self-guided practice that  works with different points of the body to identify and eliminate blocks be they mental, emotional or physical to achieve a deeper level of balance and relaxation.

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