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The Spring Clean your Life Series


The aim of the Spring Clean Your Life Series is to empower individuals with the necessary tools to create positive impacts across all areas of their lives.


Achieving change and balance in all areas of life is not only about cleansing your organs and skin but also your thoughts, your environment and your mindset. Cleansing is about stripping yourself back to a blank canvas, getting to know the real you and allowing yourself to achieve your optimal health and wellbeing.


Spring Cleaning Your Life is about gaining a wealth of knowledge, re-energising the self, learning to enjoy food and understanding what you truly desire for yourself and seeing real and lasting results.


Allow Momentum for Life to show you what happens when you apply the four pillars of health correctly and see how intricately they work together to create the ideal path to health, vitality and wellbeing.


The Spring Clean Your Life Package is a combination of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly assets delivered via a series of face-to-face sessions and online activities presented within a purpose-built corporate branded intranet facility.


It is designed specifically for the needs of the organisation and its corporate environment. The aim is to inspire and empower the employee group to join their colleagues and peers on a journey of optimal health and wellbeing with actionable tools to help make an impact on all areas of their lives and those around them.


Program Inclusions:


A two hour live workshops combining both theory and practical work across a range of topics including nutrition, exercise, rest and wellbeing.


A set of recipe and exercise e-books presenting this quarters nutrition and movement programs.


Contribution of health and wellness related articles in the corporate newsletter.


Recipes, nutrition and exercise programs for the month ahead.


Monthly competitions.


Tips, tricks and techniques on how to get the most from your nutrition and work out programs.


A one hour online check-in with our team to discuss progress, ask questions’, hear tips, tricks and techniques to get the most from your nutrition and movement programs and to share results, observations and lessons learned.


A health/nutrition/movement tip of the day.

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