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Momentum for Life was borne of my own personal health crisis and the subsequent journey to optimal wellness. As a result of the lessons I learned on the road to recovery I believe that no matter what your physical state, the key to wellness lies in a balance of Nutrition, Movement, Rejuvenation and Fulfilment.  Always. Every day.  


Your food should be matched to you individually.  Your movement program should energise and strengthen you.  Giving back to yourself and resting is the only way you can physically repair you body.  And the easiest way to motivate yourself to do all this, is to have passion and purpose and utmost respect for yourself.


It is my utmost passion and purpose, that every single person learns the skills to integrate the four pillars of health  and reaps the rewards that a life lived in true balance brings.



Leila Lutz

Momentum for Life

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