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The aim of the Momentum for Life corporate program is to empower individuals with the necessary tools to create positive impacts across all areas of their lives within the framework and structure of the corporate environment.


Our programs are tailored to each organisations corporate health, safety and wellbeing objectives and provide a proven, effective way to address the difficult questions of work life balance, motivation, movement and nutrition, as well as effective rest and relaxation.

customised, tailored and personal

The Momentum for Life philosophy is based on the self as the starting point of all change.


We begin each engagement with a strategic assessment to ensure we understand your organisations objectives and the environment it operates within. 


Based on a true understanding of your environment and its unique issues and challenges we are able to deliver a program that delivers maximum impact, reach, and engagement across the organisation.


We have personally developed each of our programs to enable our clients with the skills to make positive and lasting changes to their health and wellbeing.


Each of our programs are based on the four pillars of health - movement, nutrition, rejuvenation and fulfilment - each of which must work together in harmony in order for the body to achieve its optimal state.


Our programs aim to teach individuals how to marshall and manage these all important areas of their lives  in order to achieve the health and fitness goals they desire.

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