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If you are indeed what you eat then why are so many people who have a “healthy” diet still not achieving their optimal health and wellbeing?


Why are so many of these people still nutrient deficient, tired, constipated and spend valuable time off work being sick?


“Healthy” seems to be a prescription that comes in a pamphlet recommended by people who have never met you based on “general guidelines and principles” aimed at the “average” body.


The fact is that there is no average body, and therefore no one size truly fits all.


Holistic Lifestyle Coaching recognises that each body has its own unique blueprint and seeks to gain a real understanding of the body as a system of systems.  


We look at what foods provide YOUR body with energy and how your body processes nutrients.  We look for any missing links in your digestive and organ health, your sleep wake cycles and your hormonal system.  


Your body has a perfect blue print of you, you just need to learn how to read it.


Through looking at all the areas of your life, especially nutrition but also movement, thoughts and rest, we can work out where the missing link is for YOU and the place you need to start from to get to where you want to be.  


Our holistic lifestyle coaching program focuses on helping you learn about yourself, and leveraging your body’s wisdom to create YOUR optimal well-being plan.


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