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The MFL Kitchen Rescue is the ultimate in food coaching, providing step by step instruction and support to transforming your approach to food - the way you shop, store and use it, on your journey to optimal health and wellness.


Making changes to your diet and approach to food can be daunting for many people - there is so much to know, absorb and implement. And then there is that old thing called “temptation”, which often prevents us from truly listening to our bodies needs and making the right choice.


The MFL Kitchen Rescue aims to take “temptation” out of the equation by providing everything you need to create healthy meal  options easily and effortlessly.


Whether you are embarking on a digestive cleanse, trying to shed some extra kilos, or setting yourself up making healthy food choices every day, this program is designed for you.

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Your Kitchen Rescue Includes

Understanding what is in your pantry, what is lurking behind those food labels and what should go and what should stay. 


Pantry SOS

We teach you the basics of shopping affordably and sustainably. We show you how to shop efficiently, sustainably and locally in the way that suits your lifestyle. We demystify the concept of “pasture to plate” and show you that going organic, grass fed and ethical need not impact your time or budget.




We will show you how easy it is to prepare two sets of meals for four people and set yourself up for a weeks worth of healthy balanced meals in a fraction of the usual time.


Cooking up

a Storm

Our shopping trip will not only focus on the amazing array of fresh produce but will include stocking your pantry with all the essentials required for every day cooking.


Pantry Reset

And lastly we leave you with a comprehensive set of shopping lists, meal plans & recipes to keep you on the straight and narrow with healthy eating!



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