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Receive the Momentum for Life

Optimal Body Kick Start Program!



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Optimal Body Kick Start Program Video Series


We dive into the details of each essential foundation of boosting your health, speeding up weight loss, and improving your health and performance.


Over the course of the next few weeks, you will learn:


  • The essential foundations to boosting your health, achieving optimal weight and feeling better than ever.

  • How to clean out your pantry of so called "health foods" that are actually road blocks to you achieving your health goals.

  • The top foods we always have in our homes, that are optimal for total health and wellness.

  • Essential tips to make shopping simple, effective, and nutritious!

  • The keys to exercise, the movements that should be the basis of any exercise program to use, and how to use exercise to increase your energy.

  • The right fats and oils to use for your cooking

  • Tips for cooking quickly, easily, economically and nutritiously.

Optimal Body Kick Start Program Manuals


Foundations of Health and Well-Being  &  Quick Start Health Guide plus the Organic Shopper's Guide!


In these manuals you will learn:


  • Our essential foundations of health, weight loss and performance.

  • Why you will never reach your optimal performance or health goals if you do not lay these essential foundations.

  • How thoughts heavily impact your goal achievement and your well-being.

  • Why most people are in fact chronically de-hydrated and how that prevents weight loss.

  • Why Breath and Sleep are vital to being pain free, losing weight and feeling great.

  • The essential food tips to accelerated weight loss.

  • Cooking tips for the busy modern world.


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