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PT Coaching Mindset Program


The power to coach comes from the ability to first seek to understand, then be understood. 


Achieve instant recognition as THE expert in the room with the Coaching Mindset Program designed specifically for the Personal Training industry.


The PT Coaching Mindset Program draws on the principles of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) providing participants with a greater understanding of the power of language and communication. Participants will learn how to leverage key skills to immediately elevate themselves to expert status by helping clients discover, elicit and achieve their goals in a far more efficient and effective manner in order to take them to the next level of health and wellness: physically, mentally and emotionally. 


The benefits of empowering staff to a higher level of expertise are obvious, with a significant increase in client satisfaction and retention resulting from an increase in customer care and goal attainment.


The challenge in providing such an environment in a group setting is that it is inclusive across an entire section of employees and engaging over an extended period of time.


Additionally it must not only provide a step-by-step approach to implementing powerful language and communication skills but also ensure that the knowledge gained is implemented correctly, taking your facility to a new level in client/customer experience.


As a C.H.E.K Practitioner with over ten years in the health and wellness industry and as a Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Matrix Therapies, Leila Lutz is uniquely positioned to deliver this program, tailored specifically to the Personal Training environment and delivered in a way that provides maximum impact, engagement and results.



  • why your clients believe they can/can’t

  • the unconscious mind

  • how to create a training mindset

  • how different people learn and adapt your training & communication style accordingly to help them understand and achieve the desired outcome


  • to set goals achievable goals

  • to keep your clients goals on track

  • to turn your clients roadblocks into solve-able actions

  • to establish a deep rapport & connection to enable them to open up and accept change

  • to be confident in all forms of communication with your client – text, email, phone or face to face

  • to really illicit change in a person – making you the expert in your field


  • amazing customer service standards

  • that all important “connection” with all clients

  • an ability to understand clients individual needs

  • goals that are appropriate, measurable and achievable

  • a superior learning and coaching environment

  • elevated levels of training across all trainers

  • consistency of training across all trainers

  • and maintain a reputation for excellence in client results

Key Benefit

This NLP course, delivered by one of Australia’s most senior NLP trainers is set in the gym environment enabling you to immediately apply your new learning’s within the work environment and start changing your clients lives.

NLP for Trainers Programs



1. Change Your Training Mindset Workshop


This one-hour workshop teaches staff how to set effective goals and deploy language techniques that instill an appetite and willingness for change in clients. 



2. Introduction to NLP for Personal Trainers


The program is designed to turn the Trainer into a Coach, elevating them to expert status in all client/trainer situations.  From meeting and greeting a new client to converting a client to a training package, right through to helping a client understand their desired outcomes and coaching them to actually achieve their goals, ensuring strong client satisfaction and retention.


The program will show the trainer how to feel comfortable on the gym floor truly understanding a clients needs and how to instruct easily and effortlessly by understanding and meeting a client’s learning style.


The program is designed to assist the trainer in building a deep rapport, ensuring clients not only feel a true connection with their trainer but a sense of safety from which to initiate and achieve change.


This two-day program (delivered either as two full days or 2 hours/week over a 7 week period) is a subset of the full seven day, Momentum for Life NLP Practitioner Certification Program for Personal Trainers. 


The course structure allows trainers to add this course towards the industry recognised Momentum for Life NLP Practitioner Certification Program.



Learning Objectives


  • Setting, achieving and tracking S.M.A.R.T Goals

  • Turning roadblocks to success, into solve-able actions

  • Establishing deep rapport & connection to enable a client to open up and accept change

  • Being clear, confident and persuasive in all forms of communication including written and face-to-face.

  • Eliciting change – making the trainer an expert and elevating them from Trainer to Coach

  • Understanding the prime directives of the unconscious mind vs. the conscious mind

  • Creating a true training mindset

  • Adapting training and communication styles to each client’s individual learning format, in order to achieve the desired outcome easily and effortlessly.


Key Outcomes

Attain and maintain a reputation for delivering excellence in client results.

Trainers will establish a deep rapport & connection with their clients to enable them to open up and accept change

Instill a sense of confident across all forms of client communication, including text, email, phone or face to face.

Trainers will learn how to really illicit change in a person

Providing your team the tools to be present and influential at all times, making your facility excel in customer service and satisfaction as well as impressing head office in their reports.

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